Cable Questions

KK heres my pattern I am working on… I have 22 stitches going… for a fingerless gloves I am doing on 2 needles size 9. I am not ready for circular or DPNS yet… so been playing with sewing the sides for a while. I want to try cables… I have the cable part and first row down… but I get stuck on the next row…

I would like to do this… first and last Knit are for a edge or border

K2 P6 C3 K3 p6 k2
So the next row… would be? K2 K6 not sure what to do at the cable K6 K2…

I want the area before and after the cable to be ST st…so am I purling the cables now? And how many rows are there usually between cable rows… the row after the cable is made before you repeat the cable row?

When ending the cable before I start the ending rib around the fingers… how manyto end… I am assuming this will be the same answer as the between rows.

Is Knit the Knits and Purl the Purls… mean when you get to the 2nd row… just knit the knit stitches and purl the purls…


Cables are a lot like ribbing on the rows you don’t cross the sts, so yes, you do knit the knits and purl the purls. On the RS you knit the sts involved in the cable (unless one was a purl) and on the WS purl them. Cable repeats can be about 6-8 rows, depends what look you want, they can be further apart or closer, or mix them up for a different look.