Cable questions

I am a fairly new knitter, but feel comfortable with cables. I am currently working on a purse, and want to add cables to the straps and front of it.
Two questions–

  1. How do i avoid getting the ladders between my cables and my purls? it seems to only happen on the left side of my work.

  2. I have Cables Untangled (forgive me, i dont remember the author’s name). I love the book, but on the graphs, it has a shaded box for “NO STITCH”. What does this mean??

Forgive me if these seem like newbie no brainers, but I am confused!

Thanks in advance!

The ‘no stitch’ spaces are just there to keep the graph even. Pretend that they’re not even there and do whatever the next stitch is.

As for the side of the cable, you can hold your yarn very taut, or I’ve read that if you work the next stitch through the back loop it will tighten it up.

I will try that and see what happens!

What I do so there is no hole is when I put cables sts on needle (lets say4) I pick up the yarn between the 3rd & 4th st (put needle in from back) and put it on my cable needle and then slip the 4th st to cable needle (Looks like you have 5 sts on cable needle now) ,When I get to that extra yarn I knit it together with the 4th stitch. Its really tight but works like a charm.
It’s really a M1 without knitting it.Hope this isn’t to confusing :wall:

That’s a great idea!!

This sounds like something that could go in the Tips Thread if we had one.