Cable question

While working with the chart for my cable pattern, it say to slip 3 onto CN, hold to front, Sl 1 from CN to left needle & purl,K2from CN.
I don’t get why I have to slip 1 back onto left needle.
And which one is purled. (1st, 2nd, or 3rd st.)
I thought I could just -in order- purl from the cable needle, then K the next two.
I’ve never seen where I have to put it back on left needle.
Will this make a difference.
It’s a very basic circle type (not twisted) cable pattern.
And another question is am I correct assuming that Row 1 on the chart should be the right side. Row2 Wrong side, etc…?
Thanks so much, just learning chart reading, and am a bit confused.

Can you post a link to the pattern, or put the exact instructions in your next post. It sounds to me like you are supposed to be slipping the first stitch that you slipped to the cable needle back to the left needle, then you would knit 2 from the can and then purl the stitch on the left needle. This creates a really hard twist and pulls the edges of the cable in so that it pushes out even more than a normal cable would.

If the pattern really is as you have it listed, then it would make absolutely no sense. If you slipped the 3rd stitch back to the left needle, then there was no reason to slip it in the first place, and if you slip the 1st stitch back to the left needle and purl, then why would you not just purl it from the cable needle. The pattern as you have it here makes no sense. If it’s the way I described above then it makes sense to me.

Makes no sense, I agree.
It says: Sl 3 to CN, hold in front,k2; sl 1 st from left needle and purl it; k2 from CN.
I did try to put the first stitch back on & purl, knit the next two & it really looked bad…
It’s such a simple looking cable, I don’t understand why I can’t just purl off the CN?

Is there already a purl st among the 5 sts that you’re cabling? That would be the one. If not, I’d slip st #3 (from the end) off the back end of the CN and purl it, then knit the other two. Try that.

I’ also thinking that the middle st is a purl. And I need that to be purled as it is at the criss-cross of the cable. To seperate the cables.
But I still don’t get why I can’t purl off the CN.
Can anyone explain how to, and in what order are these stitches made?

So I slip 1st stitch back on left needle, purl that stitch, then knit the two from CN.
I still don’t understand the slipping back onto left needle. WHy not purl from CN?

No the sts on the CN are 3 2 1 -> from the tip of the needle. So you slip #3 off the back of the cn onto the left needle to purl it; #2 and 1 are in the way so you can’t work it directly off the cn.

Just not getting it. OK on the cn 3,2,1 If I put 3 back on left needle, why take it off. Why not say sl 2 on cable, p, k2 from CN. I understood it to be: take 1 off & onto left needle, p, knit 2,3

:think: What is the name of the pattern and do you have a link to it? It might help if we could see it ourselves.

Your cable sts are 5 4 3 2 1 as you look at them on the L needle. Slip off the first 3, work 4 and 5 first. Then work 3, then 1 and 2. You have to take off #3, it’s worked after 4 and 5, but before 1 and 2. Could you just try it this way and maybe it’ll be easier to see how it works?

It’s this pattern, Jan. And if you look at the projects, you can see this purl is part of the seed st in the middle of the cable ribs.

Ahhh I see how it goes. Never done one that way. Interesting!