Cable question

I have a quick question and I can’t find it anywhere online or in my knitting books so I turn to you. :slight_smile:

The cable it is telling me to do is this: 2/1/2 LPC. In other words, Sl 3 to cn, hold to front, k2; [B][U]sl last st from cn to LH needle and p it;[/U][/B] k2 from cn.

The highlighted is my problem. The last stitch it is referring to, when you are holding the cable needle with the 3 sts on it, is the [U]‘last stitch’[/U] the first st or the 3rd st on the cable needle?


It would have to be the stitch that is closet to the left hand needle, since they want you to slip it onto the left hand needle and p it.

Let’s call the 3 stitches [B]X[/B]YZ.

I believe that the only stitch they can be referring to is “[B]X[/B]”. This would make the most sense. Slipping “Z” onto the left hand needle would create a twist in itself…and doesn’t make sense, IMO.

That is what I thought they meant, but it’s a knitted st that I’m purling. Oh well, I’ll trust the pattern and see how it goes.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

This is a little weird to my eyes-- which pattern is it? I mean, from which book or magazine or website. . .

I’m in the process of making the GAAA. Here’s the picture of the square I’m working on. This has been such a great expericence for me as I keep doing the different squares. I’m so glad I’m taking it on, it’s a great challenge.

Actually, although I agree with Artlady, I’d try it both ways, just to see which makes the most sense. Of the square, which section has this cable you’re having trouble with (the anchor, the heart, etc.?)

Hmm, I believe it was the anchor, but I’ve finished that whole section now and from what I can see it worked fine. And I’m pretty good at finding my mistakes. :wink: (what knitter isn’t :teehee: ) What came of it is nice and nothing looks out of whack so I am forging on!!