Cable Question

Ok, I have tried to look back through the threads, so I apologize if this has already been asked.
First time Cable project. Just a washcloth.
My question is this:
The pattern calls for the cable needle to be held in the back of the work. K2, then k2 from cable.
When I K2 off the left hand needle. — does the yarn go in front of the cable needle or in back of the cable needle to knit?
does that make sense?
I just dont know which way to put the yarn to then knit off the cable needle. I dont have the problem when the cable needle is in the front only the back. I just dont know if I wrap the yarn behind the stiches on the cable or pull the yarn in front of the stiches on the cable needle.
Hope thats not too confusing.

Just treat the cable needle as though it’s a regular knitting needle. When you’re knitting off the regular needle, the yarn will be in back, then just pick up the cable needle, keeping the yarn in back and knit off of that.