Cable question

If a pattern says k2 p8 k2 (where part in bold is the cable crossing), am I supposed to purl the cable? The only practice I’ve done is knitting them, so I thought I’d ask before I mess up anything. :blush:

This is my first (real) time using cables, in case you couldn’t tell.

Thanks! :smiley:

My guess is that row you have quoted is a wrong side row.

wow, thanks for the quick response! :inlove:

Heres the pattern, if you don’t mind taking a quick look at it (its found toward the bottom)

Should I just sort of ignore what that says and do the cables on the odd-numbered rows? Do you think that’d matter? (either way, i’m in trouble, lol. I dont know how to go back a row, I’ve already knitted the 5th one :doh: but it’d sure help if I could just get this cable stuff figured out)

Oh wow, I’ve never seen anyone do cables from the wrong side before :shock: That’s so strange!! If I were you I’d cross the cables on rows 5, 15, 25, etc.

Also wanted to mention this. If you want to learn how to go back a row without ripping the whole thing back, take a look at this article:

It has lots of tips for correcting mistakes.


Thank you so much, I was just looking for sites to teach me how to do that. You’re a lifesaver!