Cable Problems in Pattern

Hello! I’m not a very experienced knitter and the only person who could have helped me is my nanny who has passed away. Hoping someone can translate these two abbreviations so I can make matching Aran Sweaters for my kids.

C3L: Sl 1 to cn and hold in front, k 2nd st of LH needle, k first st, k2 from cn.

Is the 2nd st of LH needle really the first one after you have sl to the cn? The way I read this I only ever have one stitch on the cn.

DC: Sl 2 to cn and hold in back, k1, k 2nd st from cn, k first st, sl 1 to cn and hold in front, k 2nd st of LH needle, k first st, k2 from cn.

Which one is the 2nd st from cn? Is it the 2nd one you sl onto the cn? Then it says to k first st, is this the first st on the cn?

If someone could help me out with these two I think I could handle the rest of the pattern or maybe I’m way out of my league with this. My email is if it doesn’t show up. Thanks so much for any help, I’d like to make these for Christmas (now you can tell what a slow knitter I am!).

There is a typo somewhere as the instruction says slip 1 to cn, then later knit 2 from cn, is the pattern available online, or have you checked with the manufacturer for corrections?

For the DC cable, the first stitch should be the one on the right, yes the one that hopped onto the cable needle first.

Slip two to cn and hold in back, knit one from left needle, knit 2nd st from cn, knit 1st st from cn, cn is now empty, slip 1 onto cn and hold in front, knit 2nd st from LN, k 1st st from LN, k 2 from cn.

thanks so much, I thought I was going crazy! I borrowed this book from our local library and can’t find anything online. I tried another pattern from this book and there was also an error with that pattern. Maybe I’ll try to fudge my way through this pattern! Thanks again, this forum is really great!