Cable problem

I just posted my cable problem last night and I got some good replys. I did frog it. Sniff - sniff.

Somthing just occured to me. The pattern ( [COLOR=#e88787][/COLOR] ) says to cast on an EVEN number of stitiches that are also a mutiple of 11.

I casted on 99 stitiches ( multiple of 11 but not an EVEN number ). I know that caused a problem with my ribbing, but would it cause a problem with the cable??

As long as it was a multiple of 11, the cable should look okay, shouldn’t it???

Please help before I start again. :muah:

Below is a picture of my messed up cable. :frog:


Cable [B]is[/B] ribbing, so if the pattern says an even number that’s also a multiple of 11, you need 88 or 110, but 99 won’t work.

Oooh !! I get it. :oops:

I thankyou VERY much !!

You all are the BEST !!! :cheering:

You are knitting in the round, right??
Looking at your pic. it appears to me as if you have somehow turned your knitting inside out part way through.
The bottom part, looks mostlly purl, is the inside, the top part, looks mostly knit is the outside. So your knitting methods might have been o.k, just half of it was back to front.

You can do ribbing with odd numbers, but I think having an odd number where the pattern called for even, was throwing you off by one stitch, so that was most of the problem. Right and wrong-side rows didn’t quite line up… does that make sense? If not, try again with the right stitch number, or perhaps try a tiny swatch with 22 stitches until you are clear on how to do the cable?