Cable pattern - sleeve ribbing help


Having trouble deciphering pattern…understand the robbing for 2 inches but confusion starts where it starts “next row: rib 3”. I am doing the size circled.

Thanks so much!


Hi, At this point you have worked 2" ending with a row 1. The next increase row starts p1,k1,p1 then,for the size you are making, you make 1 (is there an instruction how they want this to be achieved?if not, it’s probably by picking up the bar between the last and next stitch) k1,p1,k1. You do this twice then rib a further 7 sts.
The next bit covers all sizes so you’ll follow this section starting make1,rib 2,make1,rib1,make 1, rib 2,make 1, rib 7… and repeat once more before following on with the last part which is for the size you are making and is [rib 3 sts, make 1] x 2. All sizes, rib to the end and you should have 61 sts on your needles at the end of the row.

This video shows how to ‘make 1’ if this helps.
Enjoy your knitting