Cable Pattern Plight

I’m working on a sweater pattern from Better Homes and Gardens, called lace & cables cardingan. It’s a lovely sweater but a little advanced so I’m struggling. I’ve mastered the lace pattern, and most of the cable pattern. There’s one stitch that evades me… In row 7 of the cable, the pattern calls for [B][I]Tw10B.[/I][/B]

Have any of you heard of this?


I would interpret that instruction to mean “twist 10 back”. Without seeing the pattern, I’d interpret that this way:

Slip 5 stitches to cable needle and hold to back
Purl next 5 stitches
Knit 5 from the cable needle.


This might also be:

Slip 5 st to cable needle and hold to back
Knit next 5 stitches
Purl 5 from cable needle.

I am inclined to think it’s the first one, but I just did a little googling on twisted cables, and it looks like some patterns call the second one a twist as well.

Having said that, a 10 stitch cable is pretty big. Do you have a picture of the pattern we could see? Also, does the sweater pattern have an explanation of the various cables, or a chart?

The Harmony Guides only have up to a T6B (twist 6 back) --what they have for that is to slip 3 to the cable needle, and hold at the back, then knit the next 3 and then purl the 3 from the cable needle.

Hello Marria, I’m such a dolt! I scanned the pattern and was going to post it, when I realized the the Tw10B is explained on the first page. I just didn’t notice it because I haven’t gone back to that page since getting into the guts of the pattern. See explanation below.

Tw10B = Slip next 8 stitches on to cableneedle (cn) and leave at back of work. (KB1) twice. Slip 6 stitches from cn back on to left-hand needle. Bring remaining 2 stitches on cn to front of work between needles. Knit 6 from left-hand needle, then (KB1) twice from cn.