Cable Pattern on DPNS, or Circular, or Magic Loop

I would like to do these cabled fingerless mittens:

I know how to do the DPNS, but using the cable needle to make the cable pattern is to much for me. I personally do not like making cable patterns without cable needle.

Is it better to use the 2 circulars or the magic loop using the cable needle to knit the cable pattern.

Thanks in advance.

:?? I guess I’m kind of confused as to what you’re asking… do you mean you DON’T like using a cable needle to make cables? If you’re comfortable using DPNS to knit in the round, then I would go that route and not use a cable needle.

I like using cable needle, but I do not like using DPNS.

Should I use the 2 circulars or the magic loop working with cable needle.

Gotcha. I personally like Magic loop because a) it only takes one needle and b) you don’t have ends flopping around like you do with two circulars. But from a technique standpoint, either would work. It’s all about what you feel better/more comfortable using.

Thanks. I rather feel comforable knitting rather than frustrated.

I like to execute cable/lace/texture repeats over 2 circular needles. Then again, I always work anything small circumference on 2 circular needles.

thats actually my pattern, and I’m really flattered that you want to make it! anyway, I think using two circulars or magic loop is definitely a good idea because you don’t have to worry about the cable pattern being broken up over two needles. It doesn’t even affect following the pattern, because I didnt specify how to divide the stitches between the dpns. (I also just added to the pattern that two circulars or magic loop can be used instead)