Cable pattern issues

I am once again knitting using a Vogue pattern. While usually the item is for myself and I eventually weed through missing instructions or wrong instructions, this is for a paying client. I need to know the right way to do 3-st LPC, 3-st RPC and 4-st LPC and 4-st RPC. They have printed three different directions in the “Stitch Glossary” for three different sweaters that ultimately have the same cable outcome. I AM an accomplished knitter, but hate to spend the hours on this sweater to find out the stitch was done incorrectly.

Thanks to all of you.


Hmm… I’m not sure what the “P” means…

here’s another vote for the Amy video. Did that for my first cabling project.

The “Amy” video is good, but this particular sweater is made up of pretzel cables, seed stitch, etc. and the Vogue directions were wrong. I actually checked their website and found out they post “corrections” to issues. My concerns were in the corrections so I think I’m finally good to go on this one. Their “abbreviations” are confusing and then compounded when three sweaters in the same issue have the same cable with three different sets of directions?! Ouch! Thank you all! I’m going to get my daughter onto the Amy video as she’s a new knitter.