Cable pattern help?



Would really love help on this pattern. My friend wanted me to make a headband for her and linked me this. I’ve Ben trying to figure out the cable pattern for it? I thought it may be 2 pieces that are looped then seamed but I can’t seem to tell. And I would probably prefer minimal seaming if possible! Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:



I like the idea of two pieces split and interlocked. You could eliminate seams by starting with a provisional cast on from the back of the headband, knitting one side and splitting the live sts in half. Then pick up the provisional and knit the same way on the other side and again split the live sts. Interlock the two sides and graft the splits together again.
You might have to knit some length on the split sts to give the look of the band in the photo. Maybe someone can find a pattern for this?