Cable pattern help

What does it mean when the pattern states the following when adding stitch markers for cables.

DO NOT KNIT THIS ROW, simply pass 3 stitches and place marker, pass 8 stitches place marker etc… I am really STUCK and hope someone can Help?


What pattern are you following? Just the name or a link will help.

I’m guessing that it’s just to get the markers in place to prep for what comes next. I’d use locking stitch markers and skip the slipping of all the stitches. Count 3 sts, place a marker; count 8, place a marker; and so on.

I expect the markers could have been placed when working the row it says to slip.

I don’t know. That is all guesswork.

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It’s called Temptation poncho and hat set .

Hope the link helps.

I’d say GG’s guess is spot on. You can slip the sts purlwise adding the markers as you go or you can use markers that can be opened. If you use these you can just count sts as she described.

I’ve added the set to my favorites. Very sweet!

Thank you both that has been so helpful. :slight_smile: