Cable (pattern confusion)

I am trying to knit a poncho called Elenore from Viva Poncho: Twenty Ponchos and Capelets to Knit. The Cable pattern is a (Panel 12sts; 10-round repeat)
Round 1 is p2,C8b, p2
Rount 2 to 10 p2, k8,p2
Repeat rounds 1-to10 for Cable Pattern.

I did round 1, does this mean now I just knit round 2-10 as p2 k8, p2? Does it take 10 rounds to get a cable look? hehehe. Has anyone knitted this pattern and want to help me? I sometimes have a hard time understanding just what they want in a pattern. Thanks for your help:-)

Often it does take several rounds. The bigger the cable, the longer it usually is between twists. That cable is fairly big, so nine rounds between twists sounds reasonable.

Thank you so much Becky! I have to reread and read and read patterns sometimes until I get it. hahahaha.

Yes that’s what you’re supposed to do. 1 row of the cable and all the other rows are “regular”. I’ve used that pattern to knit 4 ponchos and I enjoyed it. I went and bought a special, extra long circular needle so I could have enough room for all those sts at the end.

Pls be sure to post a picture of your poncho when you’ve finished it!!!


I promise to post a picture. Here is where I am confused. In shaping the body with the cable after you M1 what do you do with the M1 on the next row?
Here is what I have written out so I am not confused:
ROUND 1 (marker) P2,C8B,P2, PM, K18 PM, P2, C8B, P2, PM, K TILL END
ROUND 2 (marker) M1, P2, K8, P2,(M) M1, K18, M1, (M) P2, K8, P2, (M) M1, K TILL END.

Is this correct? It just seems like it will throw the whole thing off. On every even row I will be increasing 4 stitches. Its a 10 round repeat cable.

Ugggg… I have collar done and ready for the body :slight_smile: LOL
Thanks for everyone’s help. I was so frustrated last night I had to do some backup knitting (ribbit). LOL

Hi Wendy and welcome!
The increases are all going to be in the plain knit sections before and after the cable panel. The cable panel will always stay the same, P2, cable, P2. After just 2 rows you’ll be able to see this pattern starting to emerge and it will all be much easier to work.

The markers will also help because the M1 stitches will be between markers 1 and 2 and again between markers 3 and 4. I’d move your first marker as shown below and also call it the end of round marker (perhaps use a different color for it).

ROUND 2 P2, K8, P2,(Marker 1) M1, K18, M1, (Marker 2) P2, K8, P2, (Marker 3) M1, K TILL END, M1 (Marker 4 end of round)

Thank you so much! Now I can start the work after the collar. You dont know how much I appreciate everyones help. Its very much appreciated! Hugggggggggs

The cable panel stays the same. All the other sts will be knit around the row. So as u add them, they will be Knit on following rows.


Its coming together! I had to redo it a couple times but I am on a roll now! I will have pictures soon. Again, Thank you…:slight_smile: