Cable pattern bind off (with 9 purls)

I am posting this for my wife, Chau, because I told her I’d Google it. Please point her to a video if you have one that would help her with this problem. I’ve added links to some pictures that I hope will make this more clear.

A couple of knitted cable patches
Instruction book showing what she tried to do
Front of the pattern
Back of the pattern

She’s knitting a sampler of cable patterns. She has finished 4 or 5 of the samples, but can’t figure out how to bind off the edges. When we looked at her book, it shows how to cast off in general, but she has 9 purl stitches and can’t see how to generalize the instructions.

What I can tell you from memory is that she had a giant sewing needle threaded with yarn. She wove it between the first couple of stitches on the row, and then could not figure out what to do next because she had too many purl stitches.

If you want to talk with her by email to clarify, her address is "".


I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for but here is a video showing EZ’s sewn bind off.

Hey. Thanks. I’ll show it to her. Meanwhile, I posted some photos to make the question a little less vague.

I wish I could help you a bit more. There are a lot of really great knitters here so hopefully someone will be able to give you a good answer.

Binding off is only the part where you pass the first stitch over the next one, otherwise, it’s just like knitting (or purling or ribbing) another row.

“I wish I could help you a bit more…” Thanks Lieuvena. We watched it last night, and I think she figured it out.

“Binding off is only the part where…” Thanks suzeeq. I’ll pass that along. I assume Chau will understand the coded message. :slight_smile: