Cable Pairing Pullover & Moonlight Slippersock

With many thanks to Ingrid I have finally finished the Cable Pairing Pullover for DH.
It’s from the Winter 1999 editions of Knitter’s.
I used Plymouth Galway Irish Red or some such thing.
I was very brave and changed it to a V neck using instructions from Stitch’n bitch Nation. I’ve never done such a thing before, but it actually worked.
On Ingrids advice I had to pull out the bottom band and redo it in a tighter rib, so it wasn’t baggy.
I’d also made the sleeves too long so I had to take them off and pull them back to size.

I’ve also finished a pair of the Moonlight Slippersocks from for my DD,
but I used multicoloured yard instead of doing the stars and moon pattern. These are the first socks I’ve ever knitted. Bit if a challenge for the brain.
When I was knitting the second sock, I discovered that I’d misunderstood the pattern, so I had to do the first sock again.
I used Cleckheaton Tapestry, and the colour’s nothing like the photo shows, its purple, green and yellow. Not Blue!

Now I’m doing another pair in a different colour for my other DD.

Both FO’s are very nice, and congratulations on your first pair of socks!

Does your DD like them? The colorway sounds terrific.

Wow … love the slipper socks, but the sweater is something else! Just gorgeous!


:inlove: love the pullover and the color!! The socks look wonderful! :thumbsup:

Wow! That sweater is just gorgeous!!! :inlove:

I really like the socks too! Congratulation on completing your first pair!

I have to say that I am so impressed with your tenaciousness. I do not have the courage to modify patterns. Frogging is such a pain too. I admire that you stuck with it until everything came out properly.

Welcome to KH, btw! :hug:

What a beautiful sweater! That is amazing work…and the socks really turned out great too. I’ve not gotten a sock done yet (although to my credit, I’ve only once tried thus far - you are inspiring me to try again though…)

Thank you all for you’re lovely comments.
You’re making me blush!

The cables were fun. I’ve got no problem with those, but moss stitch all the way through it was a bit of a killer.

Why is it that most learning seems to happen the hard way? Especially for me!

I’m not usually that persistent, but this time I was determined to get there, (if this attempt worked, anyway Hee hee hee)

Lovely jumper and socks. I was very interested to hear about changing the neckline too - something I often want to do as crew necks don’t suit me, now I’ll have a go when I next love a jumper but hate the neckline! Thanks for that:muah:

Both projects are lovely well done x