Cable needle?

I am getting ready to start a baby blanket that has C4B cable in it. Am I able to just us a dpn as a cable needle, or do i really need to get an actual cable needle?


You can use a dpn, a skewer, chopstick, opened paperclip - anything fairly straight and short and smaller than the needles you’re using.

That’s what I was thinking, but i’m getting to leave for a long weekend so i thought i’d better be sure before I’m miles away from any walmart, hobby lobby or lys!


You can even cross sts for a cable without a cable needle:

I have cable needles, but I find using a dpn is much easier for me. So yes, a dpn is a good choice. :slight_smile:

If its a smaller cable I don’t even use a cable needle. I do have a short straight one like DPN though for bigger ones.

I do cables without a cable needle. You can use a bobby pin also.