Cable needle

Is a cable needle the same as a double pointed needle? I looked at Jo-Ann’s and didn’t find any needles that said “Cable” on them. Help please!!! I really want to learn to do a cable!

I don’t know how to do cables, but I think they are the ones that look either like a large hook, or are straight w/a curved part in the center.

One of the things on my list yet to learn.


You can also just use a DPN, or a pencil, or a chopstick…

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a real cable needle. I just grab the nearest dpn.

That’s exactly right, my cable needles are essentially short dpns! Go for it, girl!! Cabling is FUN, FUN, FUN…U will :heart: :heart: it!!

I think that cable needles (the small ones) are a little handier just because they are small and won’t get in the way quite as much, but really they’re no different than a double pointed needle. You can even use a circular needle for a cable. Anything that has two points.

[color=blue]I have a cable needle… with a “dip” in it lol. I found that the stitches fell off of it too easily so I now use a dbl point needle. :heart: I Love Cables!

southern maine[/color]

there are these:
the hook, or the dip, most folks I know use the dip:

and then there’s this - one of my LYSs has these and I’m intrigued:

I was taught to cable using a 7" DPN.

I :heart: :heart: :heart: my J shaped cable needle.

I HATE the ones with the “dip”. The stitched fall off too easily!


WOW, I love the straight ones that are just like dpns, my sts never fall off…the j shaped one that I have is scary looking, with a point on it :roflhard: :roflhard:

I read somewhere that someone like the J shaped one because she could hook it on her shirt between cables. I use the dpn, and since it disappears between cables, I get my exercise running to get another. :wink:

I like the J shaped one because I hang it on my pocket in between cables and if you insert the point on the straight end first it scoops up the stitches you are taking off the needle. I also find the stitches stay on the needle a little better.

Very good ideas about the J cable…I still see my poking myself with it…lol!! I stick with the straight one…lol, mostly bc everytime I try new things…I must run out & get another, newer model… :roflhard: Like having to have a new car or something :roflhard:

I have been wondering about those J shaped needles myself. Thanks for the info. I am getting the nerve up to try cables. I have been stuck in a rut with plain stiches long enough!

WOW! Thank you all for all of the helpful information! I can’t wait to start! You guys rock. Anyone wants cupcakes? :cheering: :heart: