Cable-Neck Sweater

This is from the Fall '06 VK. I used Blue Sky Alpaca. It’s a little scratchy but not as bad as some wool that I’ve used.

that looks great and it is a lovely color on you!

That looks very elegant.

I had forgotten about that pattern! It looks great and thanks for knitting it and posting a photo:cheering:- so, I could remember that I wanted to knit it.

That looks great! Wonderful fit!

That is such an elegant design. The colour is
gorgeous and it really suits you. Love it! :thumbsup::cheering::yay:

It’s gorgeous!

Oh that’s beautiful! I love the neckline and the color is fantastic on you!! Great job :woot:

it is striking on you!! was it difficult pattern?? pieces :eyes: or top down?

That’s a beautiful sweater! Looks great on you too!

I think I remember this sweater. It was from the section where everything was gray, right? It looks extremely wearable. Yeah, alpaca makes me itch a little, too. It looks really good, though.

beautiful!! Great job:blooby:

Oooooo I like that! Good job! :thumbsup:
Pretty color.

It’s beautiful, and a very flattering fit. Lovely color, too. Thanks for posting.

I agree! Stunning Sweater and it flatters you perfectly!

I had to check because there is a cabled ‘turtle’ neck sweater and I wanted to see if this was it! :slight_smile:

Very Nice! Love the color on you.Enjoy it! Sissy:yay:

The sweater was knit in pieces. It wasn’t difficult to do. The neckline was challenging because the cabling was bulky. It made my fingers hurt!

Yes, it was from the “gray sweater” section in VK mag.
Thanks everyone for your compliments!:muah: