Cable Luxe Tunic: anyone have it?

and would you be willing to pass it on to me? PM me if so! Thanks…

It was free for a while at Lion’s website, but if it’s not anymore, it goes back to being a copyright issue to ask anyone to give it to you.

Oh, thanks – didn’t realize it wasn’t free anymore…I just saw a pic of it on a knitalong…

Here you go

Wow…now that I look at it…it might be a [I]bit[/I] advanced for beginning knitter me…but I can’t help wondering what it would look like in cashmere or silk… :smiley:

Whoa, look at all those corrections…

At least they corrected them… :wink:

I’d do it differently, making the yoke cable piece first in one piece, picking up sts around the neck edge and work that section. Then pick up sts for the body and sleeves and work the whole thing in the round, making increases on the body `side seams’ for the flare. But that’s me; I hardly ever do a pattern as written.

I quite like cables (my first ever project was a very large needle/yarn cabled scarf), so maybe I’ll try this one when my tension is a wee bit closer to perfect. :teehee:

I’m assuming that once I get a little more experienced, I’ll stop being so intimidated by lengthy, mysterious instructions? :mrgreen:

I’m assuming that once I get a little more experienced, I’ll stop being so intimidated by lengthy, mysterious instructions?

Most definitely. They’re all just some combination of knit, purl, increase and decrease.


So here I am, snowed in (4-6 in in North Carolina is a seriously big deal - I haven’t seen this much - heck any - in 5 years) browsing Ravelry… I’m a glutton for punishment, I am, since my stash isn’t big enough to do much of anything yet.

Anyhow, I’m looking at patterns, and I saw a free one (second from the right) very very similar to the Cable Luxe one if you haven’t broken down and bought it. I would be tempted (if I understood cables just a teensy bit better) to use the pattern for the physical structure and chart out whatever darn pattern I pleased. I’m not too confident about creating the structure (shoulders, sleeves, neckline - where to increase and decrease to get what I want), so that’s what I really really need patterns for.

Honestly? I miss snow! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the cable tunic link – I think I like the shape better of the other one, actually, though this one is different enough that it might be worth doing as its own project…BUT! That trapeze dress on the left of that dress? THAT IS FAB! Bless you, my darling! :slight_smile:

I think all those corrections aren’t as bad as they look at first glance. It looks to me like they made the same exact misprint over and over in the pattern so they had to fix it in multiple places.

I kind of like the one Trish posted because it doesn’t have the garter stitch in the yoke. I’ve admired the Lion Brand pattern, but I’ve also wondered how that garter stitch yoke would hold up stretchiness-wise with actual wear…

Yes, I was thinking of changing that to stockinette or something else, Marria! Something smooth would help highlight all of the cables, I thought.