Cable knitting

please help. I am trying to make this hat and this is what it says:
Row 1: P2, K6, P2, K1 (repeat for entire round).
Rows 2 - 4: repeat Row #1 three more times.
Row 5: P2, slip next three stitches onto cable needle and hold in back of work,
K3, knit stitches from the cable needle, P2, K1 (repeat for entire round).
Rows 6-8: Repeat Row #1 three more times.

I have no clue what this is or how to do this. Help!!

If you go to the videos on this site, under “Advanced Knitting Techniques”, you’ll find the heading “Decorative Stitches”, and under there is a video called “Crossing Cables with a Cable Needle” - and that should give you the basic idea! I was deathly afraid of cables until a few weeks ago… :slight_smile: The main premise behind cable knitting is knitting stitches out of order - actually my technically-minded DH figured that out for me, and suddenly it made more sense. Good luck!

I too am learning the cable st. It’s very scary at first, I practiced doing the stitches all day just to give myself a sense of what I was doing. After a couple of rows you be amazed at what you just created. The cn is awkward at first, but now I love it.

there is a video for that, im sorry i havnt been on for a while, but im so sure they have a video, you can go to videos and advance techniques.