Cable knitting

I was wondering if it was just me or if everyone feels this way…it seems that when I work on my cable blanket that it goes allot faster… I just started it yesterday and I already have almost 8 and 1/2 inches.anyway was just wondering what everyone else thought.

Oh I always cable fast! I think because it is interesting and your brain is always working and you want to get to that next section or the next row or that next turn. I love cables!!

:teehee: What I read was this

and my first thought was "well of course my work goes more quickly when I pick it up and work on it (rather than leave it in the bag for weeks and weeks, like I have been known to do)
:knitting: :roflhard:
I M SUCH a goof this morning

forgive me


I agree that it seems to go by faster because it’s interesting.

was wondering if anyone else got this when they are cabling I am get loose little holes on the side of my knitting… I am knitting stocking stitch and then cabling and stocking stitch again please help am I doing something wrong???

No that’s normal from pulling the cable stitches for the crossover. Don’t try to knit tighter, that seems to make it worse. After you’re done it’s not as bad, and washing or blocking will even out the stitches.