Cable Knitting

I am a new beginner to knitting and am having a hard time understanding cable knit…HELP!!

What exactly are you having problems with?

Have you watched the video here on KH? It’s down around the middle of the page.

If you think of plaiting hair, then you understand the essential principle of cabling. When you plait hair you divide into say 3 sections (I know you can be funky and do more but let’s stick with 3 :)) and you hold the sections between hands and between fingers. There is always a section you are working on while the others ‘wait’.

Cabling is the same. You divide a set of stitches into say 3 groups and one group is put on a cable needle (that is if you are using a cable needle technique), one group waits to the side and one group is being worked on. They all take turns as the hair sections do in a plait. The only real difference is that in knitting, the ‘plait’ or cable lies on a basically flat base.

There are ways to do cabling without a cable needle.

And, check out my August KAL for more inspiration/techniques/help on cable knitting!

The button links to the page.

Look at the pattern for the Irish Hiking Scarf (here).

This is the first cable project that I did and lots of other knitter here have done the same scarf. It explains the holding and moving of stitches, and by the time you are done, cables will be old hat.