Cable knitting

Im a bit confused on how you cable knit. Can you only cable knit on circular needles? I just cant figure out how you would do it on straight needles.

Also, on the video for joining colors, the pattern that she is knitting is so cool looking, only I cant figure out what it is. Can I only get that pattern when knitting with circular needles as well? I guess its just a confusing day! :shrug: Thanks.


For cable knitting, you only trade stitches every four (six, eight, whatever the paatern calls for) rows. So you would do a cable row. Ussually rib the next 3 rows. Then when you get to the next set, you do a cable row again. It’s not near as hard as it looks. My first FO has cabling in it.

Oh and I don’t know what the other pattern you were talking about, but in general any kind of design you can do on circulars, you can do straight as well. But I’ll tell you another thing, circulars aren’t as scary as they look either.

Thank you. Circles do look a bit scary, but also look like they are a god sent for larger projects.

The reaosn I asked about cables being done on a circle was because in the video she is doing them on cirlces and there isnt video of her starting so I was confused. Now that I know I can do them on straights, Im gonna try :happydance:

Jessica, that’s a good point… a lot of people get the “cable” knitting pattern confused with the “cable” that connects the 2 ends of a circular needle. You can do cables (the knitting pattern) on circulars, straights and double points.

You can also do smaller needles without a cable needle. Check out this link for details.

Hildegard, thank you so much for that link. It was very helpful because at the moment, I dont have a cable needle, and with my luck, when I get one, I’ll lose it!

I have a set of size 8 dpns that I used to use to hold stitches while cabling. Anymore, I do twists rather than cables and just leave the first stitch on the needle while I work the second one, or slip off two while I work the third.


I usually just use a random crochet hook, it has no point on the end, but it’s not too difficult. Although I did finally buy a set of DPNs which are easier.

Oh yeah, I’ve used the non hook end of a crochet hook, too. Just whatever’s handy.