Cable knitting, WS/RS

So I’m a self-taught knitter, which means I know very little at the end of the day. I’m trying a new pattern here:

Firstly: when I knit via cable needles, I knit the entire row from my left hand onto the other righthand needle, then I turn the entire work around so it’s once more in my left hand, working onto the righthand needle. Should I just be able to recognize RS vs WS when looking at stitches, or am I doing it weirdly and shouldn’t be transferring hands?

Second: the pattern has two cables, and I have no idea to work through the pattern. I made my way through “cable A” but realized that according to the picture I forgot to cable on rows 3 and 7. Shortly after that discovery, I discovered I have nooooo idea how exactly to go about MAKING the blanket using cable patterns A & B.

So mostly I just need help deciphering the pattern sheet. I’ve never done cables before, but I’ll come to that hurdle when I get there! I just couldn’t find anything to tell me what to do with multiple cable patterns.

That is how you work a RS/WS knit. Sounds like you’re doing that correctly.
Usually the crossing only happens on the RS (and it looks like that is the case in this pattern) so WS is just knitting the knits and purling the purls. You should easily recognize RS/WS. On the RS the cables look like cables. On the WS the background looks like flat stockinette. So other than the cables most of your knit stitches are on the WS.

Looking at the picture you will probably stop paying attention to the pattern after a while, it’s just a repeat. You will know from the flow of the cables and number of the row when it’s time to turn something. Even working different cable types.

I think I start with the written using the abbreviation definitions to get going and then switch to the chart.
The CXB/F are straight forward crosses. You just slip half to the cable needle and move them to the front or the back of the work.
The T5B/F might be confusing, I’d remember them by purl 2 at the beginning/Front or the end/Back of that row of the cable.

The last page is the one you want to follow until you get into the swing. The first page is just the cable rows that you jump to when the last page says to work that cable panel.