Cable Knitting Questions

I am working on a Pattern for a scarf for Christmas.

In the pattern it has this guide: Cable 4 Front. I see the instructions, but I am not sure expactly what it means. The 2 stiches that are transfered to the CN, do they go to another needle?

PLZ Help!

Cable 4 front means that you have a cable involving 4 stitches. You slip 2 of them to a cable needle and let them hang in front and then knit 2 from the left hand needle and then finish by knitting the two from the cable needle. They make special little short needles to serve to hold these stitches, some look like a short straight needle with a little dip or jog in the middle for the stitches to rest on, and some look like large fish hooks. But you can also use a double pointed needle as a stitch holder. You usually use one the same size as your needles or smaller.

When you knit the 2 from the cable needle watch that they are in the proper order and didn’t get twisted while you weren’t looking. :slight_smile:

cables are made by knitting stitches out of order.

you start with
4-3-2-1 (4 knit stitches…on left needle)

you slide the first 2 off (onto cable needle (or a DPN))

so you have
4-3 (on left needle)
…/2-1 (hanging in front)

You knit stitches 3 and 4 (from left needle)

then you knit stitches 1 and 2

On the right needle you now have
2-1-4-3 (not 4-3-2-1!) on the right needle

because the stitches are knit out of order, they will be tight… that is normal!

they will be fine in a row or two…

(this tightness is a normal part of cables–which when added to a knit garment change the gauge.)

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

I get it now!cloud9