Cable knitting needles

So I can’t remember the name of these needles but I think I remember someone on here talking about them. The cable needles that you can interchange with different lenghts of cable I guess. What are they called and how much do they cost.
I’m so sick of looking up patterns only to have the right lenght circular needles but not the right size. A set of those sound like they might fix my problem.

Those are really called circular needles, a cable needle is a short one that holds sts when you work cable patterns.

There’s several brands - Knit picks has 3 different tips, Addis, KA, Denise and Boye. Do a search for ‘interchangeable needles’ and you’ll find several threads where people have shared their experiences with them.

I got a set of Knit Picks Options last fall & love them. You’ll find my original thread and opinion if you try the search suzeeq suggested.

Have you tried Magic Loop or Travelling Loop with cable needles that are a little or a lot too long? I find myself using these most of the time.

Interchangeable Knitting Needles have needle heads that are separate from the cables. Select the size needle you want and connect it to the length cable you need and knit away. There are a number of manufactures and each has their own proponents. Like most things in knitting it is very much a personal choice.

Here are some interchangeable needle sets starting with my favorite Hiya Hiya ( and yes I am always right just ask me :out:)

Hiya Hiya
Knit Picks
Colonial Needle Company

Do a web search on [I]interchangeable knitting needles[/I] to find more manufactures.

I hope this helps and answers your question.

So after working with clover bamboo needles I’ve decided I perfer those to metal or plastic. Is there a set of interchangeable needles out there that has ALL the cables and needles out there that one would want and need in one nice little pouch. I’d perfer wood but I’ve only seen one set and it was expensive and there didn’t seem to be alot in it. What does everyone else like in the world of wooden needles?

I don’t think any of them have ALL the possibilities. :slight_smile:

If you like wooden or bamboo needles, why not order one size of Knitpicks Harmony needles and see if you like them. If so, I think their interchangeable set of Harmonies is a good start. You can always add to the set over time. Most sets don’t come in super small sizes because of the size of the join. I think Knitpicks only goes down to size 5 (or 4, I forget) and then you are onto fixed.

I have the metal (Options) set from Knitpicks and I love it. Some people have problems with the joins coming undone or unscrewing though. KP is pretty good about replacing defective cables if that were to happen.

That said I don’t know anything about the Hiya Hiya brand. Perhaps you could search for more info on those.

Good luck!

I prefer the wooden ones also, so I’m totally in love with my Harmony’s. My dh bought me the set for mother’s day this year.

I’ve heard some bad things about the master circular needle sets. I prefer the Adi brand needles. Do they make interchangable kits?

The Addis do come in a kit now. It’s the most expensive one out there. I haven’t tried them but lots of people love them. I couldn’t justify the cost based on the small number of cables that came with the kit. Additional cables are expensive too.

A lot of nice LYS’s carry the Addi kits (mine does) so you can see and touch them in person prior to buying if you want. My LYS even had an open kit that they probably would have let you swatch on. I didn’t touch them though, didn’t want to find out I “needed” a set. :mrgreen:

I just have my Options and a few Harmony and Zephyr tips. I like the Options the best. I’ve slowly expanded my set over time and I usually have pretty much everything I need. So important when you HAVE to start a project at 2 AM.