Cable Knit Help

I’m making a scarf with two cable designs on it. Nothing complicated, just two sets of cable to make it look pretty.

I purl three stitches, knit eight (four for each cable), purl three more, knit another eight, and then purl the last three.

But, while starting off on this (not on the cast on, but on the next row) I always end up with the stitches twisting and looking really funky, and very hard to deal with.

Does anyone have any advice on this, or why I’m getting really funky stitches? Or, even better yet, a way to fix it?

Are you crossing the cables on the first row? That could be your problem. I’d knit it straight for half the number of rows that would be between the cables before I crossed them.

No, I’m not crossing the cables yet.

:thinking: Often the first few rows of anything look a little wonky. I’d give it a few more rows and see if things even out. Wish I could be of more help. Can you post a picture?