Cable issues

I’m making a scarf that has a cable along each edge. The right cable looksperfect, but I can’t get the left one to look right. If I do it as a front cable (the same as the right one) it doesn’t twist right; if I do it as a back cable it twists too much.:gah:
What could be causing this problem and how do I fix it?

I think it might be easier to help you if you could post a picture of your scarf. Otherwise someone more cable gifted will probably be along soon…

In the pic the problem cable is on the right. Maybe I’m just being too OCD and there isn’t a problem, but I want this to be perfect because it’s a gift for a SIL who, while very nice, has very precise likes and dislikes.

I found Silver’s palindrome and decided to frog my scarf (the 6th time, I think) and do a version of that. I’m doing the reversible cables on the edges and k2,p2 rib in the middle. :slight_smile:

I think your cables looked perfect! Good luck with your new project. I know how you feel. I get a little OCD with certain aspects of my projects too and want them to be perfect! :wink:

You will have to post a picture!