Cable instructions that I don't understand

Hello! and thank you for reading and answering my knitting questions!
I am knitting a pair of Celtic cable mittens (gorgeous, in the photo that is). On row 20 at the end of row 19 with three P stitches at the end of row 19 it reads "slip last P stitch worked from rnd 19 to a cn and hold in back, K1, then P1 from CN. How do I do that when the last p stitch is my moving yarn, go back and P the stitch off the cn?!! Geesh.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

You can do this. Yes, the yarn is coming off the purl stitch which is sitting on the cable needle but you should still be able to work the knit stitch. The yarn will be coming off the purl and will already be to the back.
If it seems too awkward, perhaps you could try just slipping the unworked stitch from the left needle to the cable needle, knitting one and then purling the stitch from the cn? Haven’t tried this yet on the needles but see what you think.

What is the name of your pattern?

Pattern name: Celtic cable hat and rib mittens. Thank you, I will try your suggestion. I think I will try the first instruction.

Okay, I am still perplexed. If the carry yarn is on the cable needle how do you knit the next stitch and then knit the stitch off the cable needle. The cable needle is now before the work, how can you knit backwards…I hope I am explaining this correctly. Thank you :blush:

Try slipping the purl stitch back onto the left hand needle once you’ve knit a stitch,then purl it from there.It gave me a twisted stitch when I tried it.
Hope you work it out

Here’s the pattern, if it helps. Row 20 is the perpetrator.

Jo1855: I will try your suggestion. Is a twisted stitch okay? Thank you so much!

Whether the cable needle is held in back or in front, hold it near the right hand needle. (This is very similar to the usual place of the working yarn, i.e. coming off the right hand needle.)Take the working yarn and purl or knit the next stitch.

Okay, I will try that and I see that you found the pattern, isn’t it gorgeous. I hesitated to try it because it looks difficult but as a knitter don’t you need to challenge yourself? ha!
Thank you salmonmac!

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It’s a great idea to challenge yourself with new knitting projects. This is a particularly lovely pattern, too.
I tried to post these earlier:
In the above photo the cable needle is holding the stitch just worked near the right hand needle.

In the above photo the right needle has been inserted into the next stitch on the left needle, ready to knit it with the working strand.

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Excellent! Thank you. For some reason I already had 14 gusset stitches so I had to leave out 1 PFB, I hope it’s going to be okay. I don’t think I will knit theses again…Thank you so much!

You might be more comfortable trying the hat first. You’d still have to get accustomed to moving stitches to a cable needle then knitting them off of it, but you’d not be trying to keep track of shaping for thumb gussets and such. Don’t give up – you’ll get it. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I did finish one mitten up to the thumb. On to the next one!

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Hooray – great progress! Glad to hear it’s all falling into place.