Cable-ing on First stitch



I was wondering how you cable when you are supposed to cable with the first stitch. That means the yarn is not in the same place as if you cabled the 2nd, 3rd stitch etc. The yarn would be coming from the cable needle.



You use the cable needle as a holder, and knit from it last.


Hello. I am trying to knit a pattern where the cable patterns starts straight away from the first stitch. I was glad to see this question has been asked before but am not sure if the answer previously provided helps me understand. I have the same issue with the yarn being in the wrong place ie on the cable needle rather than in the right hand needle. I know the stitches are knitted from the cable needle second but still have an issue with where the yarn is on stitch one?


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It’s more of a problem in thinking about the cables than it turns out to be in reality. I tried it on the needles and it just takes dragging the yarn in back of the cable needle to the next sts to knit on the left needle.
How many sts are in the cable you’re working? What is your pattern name?


Hello. Thanks for trying to help. There are 16 stitches per cable. The pattern is Paton’s both sides now knit scarf.


Lovely pattern. Yes, just drag the yarn strand over from the edge to the second set of 8sts. It doesn’t have to be done too tightly. There will be some stretched sts but they get covered in the overall cable.


Thanks. Seems angling the cable needle up a bit helps too.

Not perfect but a work in progress.


It’s going to be beautiful. Great looking yarn.


That will be a beautiful scarf. Love your colors!