Cable help

Hello everyone
I have never knitted a cable pattern and could use some help. There are only 2 rows that state work cable and they are both the same.
I have attached what it says for the cable and the instructions for row 14. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Wherever it says “work cable” you will follow the instructions inside that box where it says “CABLE”. On Row 14 you will K5, P1, work the CABLE, then (P2, K2, P2, work CABLE) after that you will repeat what’s inside the () across the row.

(I have the same pattern booklet in case u have more questions)

Hi knitcindy
So what stitches am I putting on the cable needle?
The purls?

The next 2 from the left hand needle. You slip those onto your cable needle and push them behind your 2 “regular” needles.


I think I understand. Thank you

It’s hard to describe without a visual help. Maybe u could search for a “how to do a cable” video. To give u an idea!!


I will try that also
Thank you

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On row 12 you start the row with K5, p1, k4 (p2, k2, p2, k4).
On row 14 you work the k5, p1 and in place of the k4, use the instructions for the Cable. The same goes for the repeat. Work the p2, k2, p2, and in place of the k4, use the instructions for the Cable. In each case the cable will use 4sts.

Thank you salmonmac

Yes, you can do it. I remember when I figured out cables and wow, was I pleased.

Now I’m making a scarf that’s the same on both sides – cables on both rows 3 and 6 – so there is no wrong side.

Yes, you can.