Cable help

I am still working on the cable accent gloves
I finished the left glove and have started the right. The instructions basically just tell you to move the cable directions to the other side of the glove for the right hand. I was hoping I could actually make the cable accent portion itself be reversed so that the gloves are mirror images but am finding that to be a lot more difficult than I was expecting. My big issue I think is that I don’t have a solid understanding of cables in general.

The main question I need answered right now to help me figure out how to reverse this cable is:
When you make a cable is the raised portion (the cable part) the stitches that were held on the cable needle or the stitches that were knitted while other sts were being held? Does this change depending on if the sts were held in front or back?

Whether the held sts form the raised portion of the cable or the background part of the cable depends on where they’re held.
If you hold sts to the back, the next sts on the main needle will be raised and cross over to the right.
If you hold sts to the front, the next sts on the main needle will be background and the held sts will be raised and cross left.

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