Cable help needed

I am planning to attempt my first cable project. I have chosen the Prosperous Plum Tank. Lots of people on Ravelry have made it with symmetrical cables and I want to do this too, but I am not sure how. I think I should invert the top and bottom parts of one of the charts (A or B), but I want to be sure. I am also not sure if the cable needle should be held in front for both, or if one should be in front and the other in back.

If one of you wonderful knitting gurus would take the time to take a look, I would be extremely grateful.

I can’t quite understand what you want to do, so you probably should PM one of the people who make it symmetrical and ask them how you did it.

Not sure what you mean by symmetrical. Do you mean reversed so they mirror each other? That can be accomplished by doing the opposite with the cable needle I believe. If on one side you hold the stitches to the front on the other side you’d hold the stitches to the back on the cable needle.

if you cable you can run the right hand side strand over the left or vice versa.
I think, you want to e.g. turn the 1st cable left and the 2nd cable right.

If that is what you want:
Follow the chart of cables (telling you how many stitches will be cabled at what time…)

to turn a cable from right to left: put the cable needle infront of the work.
to turn a cable from left to right: put the cable needle behind the work

This is what you need to remember.
Have fun with your project!

Sorry I wasn’t clear. Yes, I want them to be mirror-images of one another, whereas in the pattern they…aren’t. Thanks for the tip about left and right. That should help. I will also see if I can work up enough courage to PM someone.

Another question: is sl2, k1, p2sso the reverse of k3tog?


is sl2, k1, p2sso the reverse of k3tog?

Yeah, pretty much, or you can do it as sssk - slip the 3 sts separately, then knit them tog through the back loop.