Cable help needed (urgently)

I’m working K2, P2 ribbing on fingerless gloves.

There is a cable pattern on the top of the wrist area but I don’t like the cables used.

I’m wondering if anyone can help me figure out a fancy cable (over 20 sts - but can be less than that) that keeps the continuity of the K2, P2 ribbing from the cuff.

(it’s the serpentine fingerless gloves off ravelry that i’m doing)

Thank you so much for any suggestions…

Assuming you don’t own a sitch pattern book, I would go to the library and see if I could check out one or more.

Barbara Walker treasury books
Harnomy Guide to Cables
Vouge Stitchionary Vol 2-Cables
These are just a few on the market. My library doesn’t have all of these, but does have a few of these plus some others.

If you can’t get any from the library, I’d poor over pics of any type of knit pattern with cables on it that you can find on the web and see if any of them appeal to you and will fit in the space requirements of the fingerless mits.

I did a little looking. Look for celtic cables - they usually can work with maintaining your k2/p2 ribbing. Take a look at these:

maybe one repeat of any of these cables:

Thank you so much for your advice. I’m going to write one up and see if it works.