Cable Headband Question

Hi everyone. This is my first post, and I have a question about working with cables (I think). A friend of mine wants a headband that looks like it basically has one big cable in the front. My question is, what is the easiest way to knit this?

One cable all the way around? CO X sts (whatever you need for the cable, plus sts on both sides of it) knit to the length you need and join the ends together. If you use a provisional cast on or use a different yarn for the CO and take it out when you’re done, then don’t BO you can graft the ends together or do a 3 needle BO to join the ends.


That is a picture of the piece if that helps. I wanted to post it right away but I was informed I had to have two posts first. LOL

That’s not a cable exactly, it’s just crossed over, turban style. If you were to search for ‘turban headband’ you’d probably find a few patterns.

I think I did. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

I just found this one last night and knitted it up. It’s a very easy cable knit and goes fast.

So could anyone post some advice about that cable (turban-like) headband (the gray one that another user previously posted)? I was hoping to make a similar one, but after absolutely scouring the internet I have been unable to find instructions.

I was following a pattern and looked up the meaning of the symbols, but I am a relatively new knitter so it’s pretty vague to me. I would post it here but I need at least two posts before I can post a URL.

posting it on the next post!

and this is the link to the pattern I was following:

Thanks for your help!

What are the terms or diretions that are causing problems?

Hi and welcome.

Cables are done pretty much like ribbing except the rows where you cross the sts, which are just knitting them in a different order. On a chart you read the RS rows from right to left and the WS rows from left to right. So on this chart row 1 is the cast on and row 2 is a WS row, you go by the direction of the arrows.

What else do you need to know?

The symbols in the chart are a little vague. The open squares are knits and the horizontal bars are purls. When you cross for the cable (8sts held to the back, work the next 9sts and then the 8sts from the cable needle) there’s a decrease and then an increase to keep the order of the knits and purls. After you move the 8sts to the cable needle, knit the next 2sts together, work across according to the pattern and when you come to the last 2sts, increase in one of them and purl the last st. I think that this will work out easier when you see it on the needles because you will be changing the sts to maintain the k2p1 pattern.