Cable Hat Photo

This is what we made in our 4 session knitting course. I like the pattern but I think the top is a bit too poity.


Can’t see it! :frowning:

I wanted to paste the photo directly here. how do I do that?

edit: here you go:
edit again: stupid yahoo.

by the way, that hat is fureaking adorable!

So cute!! Reminds me of Dr. Seuss! :happydance:

Oh, that is adorable! I love the point at the top!!

It’s a cabled pixie hat!

Write up that pattern and I would definitely buy it. SO CUTE!

Alyaanna: thanks for fixing it up. How did you do that?

Thanks everyone for the compliment.

YarnMommy: no need to pay, my pleasure of contribution to the board. here you go:

100% merino wool
two - 60 yrds/55mt 100gr ball (you only need about 1
yrd from the 2nd ball)
1 pair of size 10 straight needle
1 cable needle
1 sewing needle

cast on 48 st
row 1-3: beg with a purl row, work 3 ros in st st
(stockinette stictch k1 row, p1 row)
row 4: inc in first st, k too last st, inc in last
st=50 sts.
row 5,7,9: K2, (p6, k4)4x end p6, k2
row 6,8: P2,(k6,p4)4x, end k6,p2
row 10: P2, (s1 3st to cable needle, hold to back, k3,
st, k3 from cable needle, p4)4x end by cabling 6 st,
row 11-15: K the k, p the p
row 16: as row 10
row 17: K the k, P the p
row 18: (P2, p2tog, k4, p2)5x = 45 sts
row 19: (K2,p2tog,p3,k2)5x=40 sts
row 20: (P2,k2tog,k2,p2)5x=35 sts
row 21: (K2,p2tog,p1,k2)5x=30 sts
row 22: (P2,k2tog,p2)5x = 25 sts
row 23: (K2,p1,k2)5x
row 24: P1,(k2tog,p3)4x end k2 tog, p2 = 20 sts
row 25: K2 (p1,k3)4x, end p1,k1
row 26: P1,k1(p2,k2tog)4x end p2 = 16 sts
row 27: (K2,p1)5x end k1
row 28: P1,k1(p1,k2tog)4x end p2=12 sts
row 29: K2(p1,k1)5x
row 30: (K2tog)6=6sts
row 31: P
cut yarn, leaving a long tail
thread tail thru remaining sts
sew seams

I copied your url and pasted it in my browser, then saved your picture to my harddrive, then attached it. However, it seems that there’s some kind of attachment block right now, so next time try or for photo hosting.

I think it’s really cute! I wouldn’t want one for myself, but my girls would!!!

:smiley: Your hat is adorable & thanks so much for sharing your pattern :wink:

hah that is gorgeous! Love it! :thumbsup: