Cable Hat Pattern Question

Hi Everyone, I have been knitting for about six months and decided it was time to move on to a pattern that wasnt just knit purl. I chose a cabled hat out of the Family Alblum book of knits. Of course it was to good to be true that I had gotten all the way to the decreases with no problem at all :knitting: I am not sure if the pattern is not helpful or if I am confusing myself so here it is…

(i did ribbing k2 p2 for 4 1/2 inches)

ROW 1 AND 2 work 31 sts in moss st p1 work braided cable p1 work 31 sts in moss st.

(The Pattern states moss stich as row 1 and 2 k1, p1 ending in knit, row 3 and 4 p1, k1 ending in p1) repeat row 1-4 for pat.

ROW 3 AND 4 work 31 sts in moss k1 work braided cable k1 work 31 sts in moss st.

Continue in pat as established until work measures approx 8 inches from beg ending in row 1 of moss st. (77 sts)

Next Row [k1,p3tog] 8 times work in pat as established to last 32 sts [p3tog, k1] 8 times (45 sts) OK I DID ALL THAT WITH NO PROBLEM:cheering:

Next 5 rows work even in pat as established.

Thats where im getting frustrated to the point i want to burn the whole thing!!

Obviously its not saying continue to decrease because i only have 45 sts now soo… apparently I am supposed to work the moss st and braided cable again so I tried that the cable is 13 sts so I did 16 moss 13 cable 16 moss and it looks horrible it doesnt match with the rest at all (the cable does but not the moss) Does anyone have any clue on what im doing wrong???

I hope I explained it so someone can help me Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Do you mean that your moss stitches aren’t lining up correctly and you are getting a rib instead of a moss?

If that is the case then you aren’t “reading” your knitting correctly.

A moss stitch is usually: Row 1 - k2, p2 and Row 2 - p2, k2.

What you are basically doing is knitting the purl stitches and purling the knit stitches so your pattern looks like this:


When you follow the pattern as it is written it may say that row 1 is k2, p2 but because of your decreases the row may actually be a p2, k2 if you look at your stitches as they present themselves.

Hope this makes sense.