Cable hat in one evening

I got the knitting bug the other night… picked up my new yarn (doesn’t new yarn always make you want to start a new project with it? It just screams… adopt me, use me, knit me!)

And, this is the result…

I might save it for a gift? Or save it and donate it to Afghanistan when I can get more than ONE HAT knitted! :slight_smile:

It looks great!:thumbsup:

Thanks… I had been knitting a THIN mohair LACE pattern (scarf) and should not have knitted it at the doctor’s office WHILE SICK and I only had 5 inches of the 12 row pattern completed… (so, not memorized at all) and I did something wrong… (they called me ‘mid-row’) and ended up having to take a couple of inches OUT… ‘well, let me say… that I tried to take it out… the mohair was putting up a fight and not being undone easily’… so, it has been banned from my sight to the FREEZER …

So, I needed a break from the ‘mohair situation’ and decided to do something ‘easy and quick’…

Easy, quick and [I]beautiful![/I] Good job!

ah, shucks… :aww: (I’ve been watching Gomer Pyle on DVD) :smiley:

What a cool looking toque. :smiley:

I love the cable work on that hat, and the color’s great too. Nice work.

:cheering: It looks great!

Beautiful hat. Thatis my fave colour :slight_smile:

Very pretty! :inlove:

Very nice hat. Looked at all the yarns you bought on your blog. Amazing. How much did you pay for the Noro? That store looks very interesting.

I :heart: :heart: :heart: that hat - thanks for sharing, and the color is nice too :slight_smile:

The person that I bought the NORO from gave me a good deal- as a NEW YEAR SPECIAL PRICE JUST FOR ME… I’ve bought from his ‘shop’ for years now. (I’ve lived here 3x) and yarn from JAPAN is really expensive here… pretty, but too expensive. *The rest of our yarn here is cheaper than you can get it in the states-- but, the yarns from Japan (which is a new addition for the past 2 years) is probably more expensive than it is in the states?

The NORO that I bought was the silk garden… so, I think it’s more expensive than the regular wool NORO is?

I bought the NORO for about $USA… $73.00-75.00 for 10- fifty gram skeins of the silk/wool NORO?? I’m not sure how much of a discount that he gave me on the 2 packages? I just know that he charged me about what he pays for it. That’s why I bought two packages and put the camel hair yarn back… I didn’t think I’d get another chance to have the ‘special price’ on this yarn???

AND thanks everyone… this yarn was so soft and knitted up really well- I think that I’ll use the yarn that I had left over to make a ‘cable’ type of scarf- it will show the cables well… and it’s kind of ‘heathery’ in color too. Really nice.

On my blog are two other colors of this same brand of yarn that I knitted the hat in… a light mauve/lavender color and a deeper mauve color. I liked the yarn so much- I might go back and get some more??? To knit it up for ‘gift scarves, purses, mittens, etc.’

:happydance: It looks great!!

Hiya iwouldrather…,
As for the price point of your yarn, hun you definitely got a steal there. It works out to be about 7.50 USD for each ball. I’ve seen NORO go for anywhere from 9-15 USD here in the states so you got a good deal.

Beautiful hat! :slight_smile:

fibrenut… Thanks! I know that he showed me on the calculator that the regular price was 90,000 won… (which would be about $10.00 or so a skein) and he showed me that he sold it to me for what he pays for it. I just knew that I had ordered some of the ‘regular NORO’ on the Internet and it was $8.00 or so?? So, I knew that I was getting the yarn for a little less than I would have to pay for it ordering it from the Internet… :inlove:

AND, I didn’t even realize it was the NORO with the silk in it until I got home! AND, I knew that the SILK NORO had to cost more than the regular NORO that I had in my stash. So, I was happy. I used all the money that I had brought with me to buy my two packages and the other two yarns – I used my ‘hidden money’ … (I tend to hide a little Korean money in case I find something else that I want to buy.)

Cool. I love the way the cables nestle against each other. Looks very cozy and warm.

Thanks merigold… I should try to take a photo of the top of the hat-- it has a star/flower pattern w/ the cable decreases. :slight_smile: