Cable graphing

When you make a cable graph do you use a special kind of paper? The graph paper at the stationary store seems to have such small boxes.

I use regular graph paper, but you can print out pretty much any size you want. Just Google ‘printable graph paper’ and you can find anything, including knitters graph paper.

If you just want to get down on paper the layout of the cable pattern you are working on you may use regular graph paper; however, knitter’s graph paper is supposed to give a more accurate representation of what the design will look like once you knit up. Here are a few websites that might be of use to you if you cannot go out and buy knitter’s graph paper right now.

and an article from Knitty


[COLOR=Blue][B]Wow![/B][/COLOR] Am I ever happy that I stumled on this very informative thread! Thanks for all the great links!

I’ve just been using regular ole graph paper from the grocery store. Not the right proportions, but do-able!

[COLOR=Blue][B]THANKS AGAIN!!! :thumbsup:[/B][/COLOR]

Thanks to the above I have found some GREAT sites to customize your own graph paper:

You can even print LEGAL size graph paper!!!

Here’s a cable graph generator

That is pretty neat!!
Unfortunately it has a fairly limited list of commands :frowning:

I was hoping I could garph a saxon braid!

What are the “t” stitches at the end of the list?

I’m not sure what the 't’s stand for. When you run the program for c2f and t2f the charts are almost the same - but the stitch that crosses in the back is shaded on the ‘t’ symbol but not on the ‘c’ symbol. Maybe you can email the creator and ask them, if no one else here can come up with the answer.

I did email the creator (after leaving a tip) with suggestions for adding stitches. I’m not a computer geek so I don’t know if it’s doable or not.

This is the graph paper site I have book marked on my work computer (had to get to work today to find it)

This one is REALLY cool, as you can adjust color size and thickness of lines as well as size of boxes.

cables with a T in them are twists–you’re crossing a knit stitch over a purl for a ‘travelling’ cable. Cables with a C are knit stitches.

I’m always getting lost in graphs! It’s either that the dark colors in the graph always correspond to the lighter yarn I’m using or I forget to go right to left, then left to right!

Hmm. Might buy some colored pencils…


Do you mean as in “FP K2P2” where the front of the cable is knitted and the second two stitches are purled?

Or, is this what you mean:

I couldn’t quite see what she was doing but believe she was doing a front twist on the two stitches.

When you have, for example a 3 stitch cross sometimes called a twist, you usually have 2 knit stitches that will cross over 1 purl stitch.

Thanks! Yes, that is what she was doing.

Have you tried this one