Cable Glove Pattern help (again)

I’m still working on a pattern that I asked about a couple of weeks ago. I’m new to glove-making, so a lot of the pattern still confuses me.

The part I’m confused about now is bolded below:

Hand—Round 1—K 4, p 1, k 3, inc. 1 st in next st, k 3, inc. 1 st in next st, k 4, p 1—20 sts on first needle; k 6, inc. 1 st in each of next 2 sts for thumb gore, k 6—16 sts on 2nd needle; k 16 sts of 3rd needle; 52 sts.

Round 2—* K 4, p 1; repeat from * 3 times, k to end of round.

Round 3—* K 4, p 1; repeat from * 3 times; k 6, inc. 1 st in next st, k 2, inc. 1 st in next st for thumb gore, k 6—18 sts on 2nd needle; k 16; 54 sts. Work 2 rounds same as round 2.

Round 6—Cable twist—K 4, p 1, * slip next 2 sts to crochet hook, hold in back of work, k next 2 sts, k 2 sts from hook, p 1; repeat from * twice; k 6, inc. 1 st in next st, k 4, inc. 1 st in next st; k to end; 56 sts. Continue pat. repeating cable twist every 6th round, increasing 1 st each side of thumb gore every 3rd round 5 times more, having 2 sts more between incs. after each successive inc. round; 30 sts on 2nd needle; 66 sts in round. Work 1 round even.

  1. So, when I repeat the pattern , do I repeat Rounds 1-6 but ignore all of the original instructions where it says to increase, and only increase during Round 3? Because if I repeat the pattern and increase where it says to, I will have more than 66 sts.

  2. I’m also confused as to where I should increase. What does “1 st each side of thumb gore” mean?

  3. Final question: What does “having 2 sts more between incs after each successive inc. round” mean?

Again, sorry if these are obvious or dumb questions! I have only ever made scarves and hats before - nothing this complicated, so I’m still learning!

  1. Yes, repeat the pattern but only increase at the thumb gusset (thumb gore) on needle 2. That’ll give you the correct stitch count.

  2. You’ve been increasing on needle 2 for the thumb gore (the extra sts to make the glove fit over the base of the thumb).

“Round 3—* K 4, p 1; repeat from * 3 times; k 6, inc. 1 st in next st, k 2, inc. 1 st in next st for thumb gore, k 6—18 sts on 2nd needle; k 16; 54 sts.”

  1. Increase in this same place for the repeat rounds. It may help to mark it off with stitch markers. You’ll notice that after each increase round here, there are 2 more sts between increases, making the thumb gore wider each round. These 2sts come from the increase that you’ve made on the round.

See if this helps, if not come back and ask again. You might try working just the directions for needle 2 on a small swatch. That way you can see what’s happening to the thumb increases. I’m also tagging @DaylilyDawn who is a wonderful glove knitter.

This is SO much clearer! Thank you so very much! I will give this a try today and let you know if I still have questions.

This forum has been a lifesaver! :slight_smile:

Hi Sara,
I can help with the problems like Salmonmac helped you with , just send an help message and I can respond. I am a self taught knitter and a couple of years ago I figured out how to knit gloves on circular needles, using no double pointed needles. it takes a little bit of time but it can be done using just the circular needle.

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Hi @Daylilydayzed! Thanks so much for offering to help! I would love to learn how to do gloves on circular needles (I’m working with double pointed needles right now and I feel clumsy with them). This is my first time making gloves and I find a lot of the instructions confusing, but I am not giving up! I just need a little guidance here and there :slight_smile: I’m sure I will have more questions soon so I will definitely send you a message! Thanks so much!!

Ok Sara!
When I started I used the circular to cast on my favorite stretchy cast on for the cuff and I knit one or two rows of ribbing flat then I will connect the stitches on the third row, Knit the cuff to the length you want, then knit 5-7 rows of stockinette then start the increases for the thumb. I usually count in 5 stitches in from the side to start the thumb.once the thumb stitches are completed I put them on waste yarn to wait until the fingers are completed first.take the number of stitches your pattern says for the finger, put half on the front needle and half on the back . If you are making the right hand glove.The palm side faces you so the first finger is the first one knitted all other stitches one the front needles get put on waste yarn , then you cast on two stitches on the needle then pickup the other half of the stitches and connect and knit a small tube to the length it specifies in your pattern.You will pick up half of each finger from the waste yarn . Front stitches are one 1 piece of waste yarn and back stitches should be on another piece of waste yarn, not on the same piece. This should get you started . Sf you need more help just send me a message.