Cable Decrease

I’m working a pattern that calls for a Cable Decrease (Beg of Row) and a Cable Decrease (End of Row).

The BOR (beg or row) - K3 TBL, do not take off ndl; K1 st on LH ndl, Remove both sts.
For this decrease, what I did and I’m not sure it’s correct is K3 TBL and without taking anything off of any needle, I knitted the 1st stitch of the 3 then took the whole mess (which I guess is 2 sts) off the needle.
This seemed to work ok.

Then I get to EOR (end of row) - K until 4 sts remain. K in front of 3rd st on LH ndl; do not take off ndl; K 1st and 2nd st on LH ndl tog. Remove both sts then k1.
I tried to follow these instructions, but ended up with something that I know in my heart, was NOT correct.

Any little clues or hints that might help me to understand these, would be greatly appreciated. I couldn’t find any reference to a cable increase or decrease and am not sure if this is terminology just for this pattern, or a standard decrease/increase.

A 2 or 3 st cable is where the stitches are left on the needle when you knit them and the effect will be twisted or a mini cable.
The k3tbl is the decrease - like k3tog only you do it through the back loops and leave it. Then you knit in the front of the next st which will twist it over the other, and then drop both off.

The EOR directions have you knit on the 3rd st in, leave it, then knit st 1 and 2 tog as in k2tog. That will also make a twist the other direction.


Thanks Sue,

I’ll give this another shot with your instructions in plain view.
I appreciate the quick response…I had a glimmer of thought that I might cast on for something else… whew!


You could do that too, while your brain works on figuring out this pattern. :wink: