Cable Comfort Throw

Yesterday I started the cable comfort throw from I’m using Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and the color is Heather Green. I’m row 9 and row 13 starts the cable stitch and I don’t have a cable needle for thick yarn. Is there something I can use to make the cable as I only have cable needles for thinner yarns.

Thanks in advance.

Use any spare needle even the thin cable needle; it’s only a stitch holder for the time you need to knit the other stitches, so it doesn’t need to match the needle size you’re using.


I just recently made this (pictures are in the Whatcha Knitting? forum section). I think that one problem in using a small cable needle, especially in this particular pattern, is that the stitches may fall off. I also didn’t have a large cable needle, so instead I used my large crochet hook as the cable needle. I inserted the end with the hook into the six stitches, and then it actually held it really well because the hook prevented the stitches from slipping off. Then I just knitted it from the non-hooked end of the crochet needle. Even if you have a crochet hook that’s smaller than the gauge of the knitting needles, the hook will still probably do a better job at keeping the stitches on. It worked really well for me :smiley: Good luck!

Crochet hooks are good, so are pens, pencils, chopsticks…


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Just a quick note to update my progress. I did use the small cable needle and the cable came out beautifully as I have completed the first 18 rows and now it’s on to the second repeat. Thank you all for your advice and I’ll continue to keep you updated. Rachel, I saw the picture of your throw and your cables came out great.
Thanks again