Cable Comfort Throw Restarted

I hadn’t work on my afghan in almost a week as I’m taking care of my dad. I felt like working on it this morning when I began counting the stitches on the needle only to find that not all of the stitches were there. I counted the stitches four times to make sure I hadn’t miscounted them. Not sure of where the mistake was, I began binding off, as I was on the fourth repeat of the first panel. Arrrgh!

Aww, I’m sorry. I made the Cable Comfort Throw and the biggest challenge for me was keeping track of the rows and making sure I had all my stitches counted correctly. Sorry I can’t really offer any advice, but you should know that it’s not just you - that was definitely the hardest part of the pattern for me!! It takes a long time to finish, but I promise you will not be disappointed with your finsihed afghan - they come out beautifully!

Is it possible that you dropped a stitch somewhere? I don’t know how many stitches you were off.

The last pair of socks I did nearly did me in. I had put them down for a couple of weeks, and when I picked them back up, I was short a stitch on one needle. I kept frogging back round after round and could not find the stitch.

I finally noticed that I had dropped one of my end stitches, and every time I frogged a round, it moved farther down. :wall:

Good luck with your project! Don’t give up. :hug:

Hi Rachel,

I saw the picture of your throw, and you did a wonderful job you really did. I have two stitch/row counters as I used my large one to count my rows, and my smaller one was used for the repeats. But I wonder like Auburnchick said I might have dropped a stitch somewhere, oh well. The worst thing was I had only had one skein of the Heather Green as I wanted to see how the pattern would look. Tonight after dinner, I will have to get started again only this time I’m going to count my stitches before the cable and then after the cable as I have a feeling this is where it happened. Thanks again and this time I’ll be more careful.:thumbsup: