Cable Clutch purse

I saw this:

I said: "$150.00 :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

I made this:

One skein Lamb’s Pride Bulky, 1 dowel that my DH cut for me, 2 round balls that I bought at Michaels for less than $1.00 and a pice of silk fabric that I got my MIL to sew for me. (I just need to learn to make a better bow!)


And now you can sell it for $150 lol… excellent job!

too neat!! :yay: :heart: your pink nails!!! The lining really sets it off

That is adorable!:cheering:

ooh, I like your bag much better, the tight cables you have look a lot nicer. (your bow looks really good too, don’t worry).
not only did you save a whole bunch of money, but you got to make a great looking bag that was probably a lot of fun to knit.

That is so cool. I think I’m going to have to make one for myself!

That is FABULOUS!! And, schyeah, $150 :roll: You could probably make a killing selling those on eBay or Etsy!! Very nice work! :yay:

Boy, you sure were creative! It turned out so nice!! :inlove:

That turned out beautiful! I was going to ask you how you sewed in your lining, but you said your MIL did it! I finished knitting a purse and just need to line it. I have the fabric and everything, but I’m slow on getting it done. It’s a winter purse, so I figure I have time. :slight_smile:

That’s really very nice…I am amazed they were asking $150 for one!! I like the choice or ribbon you’re picked to offset the yarn colour. If you use pinking shears (the one with the zigzag blades) and cut across the end of the ribbon it will stop the ribbon from fraying.

A few of us have raised sewing on knitted yarns before so could you ask your MIL whether she had any probs at the beginning working out the tension and any tips she might have?

Once I finished knitting the purse, before I sewed the seams, I cut the fabric the same size as the bag. I pinned it up and she sewed it on the sewing maching for me. I then finished the bag and she hand sewed it in for me.

My MIL is 95 years old and only speaks Italian - my Italian is limited so I don’t think I will be able to ask her for you.

This is what I did to make the bag -

I used a provisional cast on - then knit the bag. When I was done instead of binding off I just transfered the stitiches to the dowel.

Then I took out the cast on edge and moved the live stitches to the dowel.

Does that make sense???

I gather the dowel had it’s knobs added afterwards? :slight_smile: Not sure I know how to remove a cast on…perhaps its what they call here a provisional cast on…

If the bag literally a rectangle…? Or is it two? I am so impressed with that you did and appreciate you taking the time to explain.

Nice av picture too by the way.

Aw, I love yours…it’s so cute!
I’ve never been able to make a purse turn out so cute, professional looking and functional.


Great job! What a difference in price too! :slight_smile:

[SIZE=4]über cute!!! Much more better than the expens-ivo version! :drool:

[FONT=“Georgia”]That looks great! I think I’m going to make something like that for my friends this Christmas- do you have a pattern?[/FONT]

Very pretty. I wanna make stuff like that, but I can’t sew.

Just [B][U]beautiful[/U][/B]!!! :inlove: That color yarn is such a rich, pretty color! You did a [B][U]GREAT[/U][/B] job!!!:yay: It looks like it would be a fun knit. Maybe I’ll try one!