Cable Chart Question

I am knitting the Cabled Scoop Neck Sweater which is #30 in Vogue Knitting Fall 2006 (the Gray’s Anatomy section).

This is my first cable project and I’m not sure if I’m understanding the 10 st RPC from the chart properly. I think it’s slip 5 sts on center needle and hold in back p5 then k2 p1 k2 from center needle.

Can anyone tell me if I’m right?

It’s hard to say, since each pattern has it’s own quirks.

You are correct that you slip 5 to the cable needle and hold in back. Then you’ll work the next 5 from your regular needle however the pattern says to; followed by working the 5 from the cable needle. That will give you the right-leaning cable, but the stitches worked on each depends on the pattern.

Usually the knit stitches are what cross on the front, so my guess would be slip 5 to the back, k2, p1, k2 from the regular needle and p5 from the cable needle.

I can’t find my issue of that particular magazine, but I’ll keep looking.

Thanks for the help Ingrid! That does make sense. I have another question if you find your magazine.

The sweater is mostly reverse stockinette except for the cables. On the chart, the 10 st RPC happens on a wrong side (knit row). Do you think I should reverse the instructions then to slip 5 to cn hold in front k5, p2 k1 p2 from the cn?

If the cable appears on the chart on the wrong side, don’t reverse anything. It will already be reversed for you.

You still want a right-leaning cable, (on the back) so you’d hold the cable needle to the back, knit from the regular needle and then p2, k1, p2 from the cable needle.

It will appear as a k2, p1, k2 cable on the front of the sweater and the background stitches will be rev st st.

I found every other magazine in the world except this one. :teehee:

[color=red][size=6]Forget this post!! Read the next one!!![/size][/color]

I found it!!! It was the only magazine still left on my shelf. :oops: :rofl:

Their definition is to place 5 on cable needle and hold to back, p5 from the regular needle, and then k2, p1, k2 from the cable needle.

It appears that the pattern starts on a wrong side row, however, which is what’s caused the confusion. If you look at where they describe Row 5 in the section for the Back, they call it a WS row. So the odd rows are the wrong side and the even rows are the right side. That would put the cables on the right side rows.

Ingrid you are a life saver!! :notworthy:

I thought that the cable was on row 9, which would be a ws row. But, I probably just read the numbers incorrectly. I’ll have to look at the chart again when I get home from work. The more I think about it, I’m sure you are right and it is on row 10. Since it was right below the solid line and the chart started at row 1.

That’s what I get for being a computer person. I usually count from zero. :oops:

Yes, the cables are on 10, 20, 30, etc. That’ clears up a lot. Good luck with it!

I just wanted to check back in to let you know that it’s looking great now!

Of course, I did have one more stumbling block. I thought that I should read the chart from right to left on wrong side (knit) rows and from left to right on right side (purl) rows.

This is completely wrong. The knit rows should be read from left to right and the purl rows should be read from right to left. This little mistake is the difference between having a diagonal snake across the front of your sweater and having the desired individual little cables running diagonally across the sweater.

Just thought I’d share in case anyone else was trying this pattern.

Thanks again Ingrid for all your help!! I definitely needed it since I misinterpreted just about everything with this chart.