Cable cast on

I use the cable cast on when I knit and I was watching Amy’s video and she turns the loop before she puts it on the left needle. Ok, so that is what I do so now I was just watching how to do a buttonhole and she used a cable cast on there but she did not turn the loop before she put it on the left needle. My question is, when I first cast on and do a cable cast on is it different than when you do a cable cast on in the middle of your work? :??

If you read the text that accompanies the video, it says “Note: you can also place the stitch on the needle purl-wise. The results are virtually identical.” So either way is fine. :thumbsup:

Great, I am terrible for reading the text, I just watch the video. Lesson learned. So that means I can twist the loop when I cast on in the middle of my work. I think I will do both the same that way I won’t get mixed up. Thank you