Cable cast on issue

I am new to knitting and learned how to cast on using the long tail method. I am starting a new pattern that requires cable cast on. I have watched videos and understand how to do this cast on but I do not know what to do with the tail? In long tail cast on you knit the tail in for a few stitches of your first row. What do you do with it in cable cast on and is it any different if you are making a cowl using circular needles?

Just leave a few inches for the tail and when you’re done you weave the end in through the nearby stitches. I don’t knit the tail into my work using the LT cast on, it’s an option, not a requirement.

I don’t knit in the tail either. I find it too bulky most of the time. I weave it in later.

If you’re making something that requires a seam to be sewn after the knitting is finished, leave the tail long enough so you can use it to sew the seam. That’s what I do anyway. If you won’t be sewing a seam, then just weave it in after you’re finished.


Thanks for the help!

I actually like having the tail hanging there when I’m knitting in the round using magic loop. It helps me keep track of the beginning of the round. I just follow the lines up from the tail to see where the first stitch of the row occurs. I don’t usually place a marker, I just look at the tail.

I knit my tail in only when I’m starting new yarn in the pattern, only because I have OCD and it bothers me when it hangs out. HA.