Cable cast on in the middle of a row?

I am working on a poncho, knit from the bottom of the front, up to the neck, where stitches are bound off for the neck hole, then new stitches are made and the poncho is knit on down the back.

For the neck stitches, I put the stitches on a scrap of yarn (since they will be picked up later to knit a turtleneck) and TRIED to do the cable cast on correctly on the next row. I am attaching a picture to show my problems. First, my working yarn has to span the gap in the middle where the stitches were removed on the previous row. That looks wrong. Then I did the cable cast on on the left needle, but now my working yarn is on the left needle, not the right, and the pattern says to “join these newly cast on sts to the row, being careful not to twist the sts, purl to end.” If the working yarn is on the wrong needle, how do I purl to the end? What did I do wrong and how do I do this correctly?

Thank you.

Thanks for the photo. The cable cast on has to be taken out. Then the photo would show the working yarn coming off the needle on the right. Switch the needles in your hands so that the needle with the working yarn is in your left hand and cable cast on the sts. Once that’s complete, switch the needles in your hands again so that the working yarn is coming off the righthand needle and proceed with the join and the remainder of the row across the second shoulder. When you turn at the end of the row and work back, you’ll work across the cast on sts for the first time.

Thank you. I looked around and read somewhere else that I need to turn the work around and THEN do the cable cast on. But how do I do the “join?” When I knit in the round, I join by swapping the last stitch on each needle, so they are crossed. Is that what I’m supposed to do here?

Thanks for the help. I figured out what to do.